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Regardless of the discipline you have come from (classical or competition dressage, eventing, show-jumping, etc) the first four lessons on the website are the same for everyone. They are the basic building blocks of all riding. Once you have established them you can go on to more specialised riding, and each section will contain lessons appropriate to that discipline. But whatever your level at the moment, we cannot recommend strongly enough that you review these early lessons. We all need to remind ourselves from time to time of those things we may have forgotten without realising - and you may learn something of which you were unaware in the first place!


As you read through each of the lessons, you may find technical words or phrases which you do not fully understand or would like to know more about. Well, do not worry! We have a page of definitions which you can use for reference as you go along - almost like a dictionary. (When words appear as links like 'on the bit' the glossary page is shown at the appropriate place).

You can also open it whenever you feel the need by clicking on the link in the left hand column of any page which leaves it open all the time as a separate window.

The Lessons Menu

Listed below are the lessons we have included on the website so far. These will be added to as time goes on. You can see all the lessons and have email question and answer support at all times.

You can go from here directly to any lesson, but we recommend that you start with lesson number one! Each lesson contains a link to the next in series anyway. The lessons are ordered in a way we consider appropriate as a series to follow - you should understand the earlier lessons before trying to move on to the later ones. Although the lessons will appear on the website in the order below, we will be happy to discuss the more advanced ones with members by email if that is the level you ride at now.

The Riding Lessons Menu


"Not a lot of people know that!" Current Lesson
Working In Current Lesson
The Rider's Position Current Lesson
The Rider's Aids (Part One) Current Lesson
The Rider's Aids (Part Two) Current Lesson
On the Aids Current Lesson
On the Bit Current Lesson
Balance, Engagement and The Half Halt Current Lesson
Improving the Basic Paces Current Lesson
The Classical Seat Current Lesson
Transitions Current Lesson
The School Movements Current Lesson
Flying Changes (Part 1) Current Lesson
Flying Changes (Part 2) Current Lesson
Starting Lateral Work - Shoulder In Current Lesson
Travers and Half-pass Current Lesson
Spurs and the DoubleBridle Current Lesson
Extended Paces part 1 - Lengthened Medium and Extended Latest Lesson
Extended Paces part 2 Future Lesson
Impulsion and Self-Carriage Future Lesson
The Rider's Mental Processes Future Lesson
Pirouettes Future Lesson
Trot Extensions (Medium and Extended) Future Lesson
Counter Canter Future Lesson
Perfecting Straightness Future Lesson
Collection Future Lesson
One-Time Changes Future Lesson
Piaffe Future Lesson
Passage Future Lesson
Riding a Dressage Test Future Lesson
Riding Demonstrations Future Lesson
Dressage to Music Future Lesson
What are Airs Above The Ground? Future Lesson

Remember, as well as email support we can also provide personal training if required.

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