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Imagine that you could talk to the authors of a book or magazine article whilst you were reading it. That is what this website can do for you - and more!

So how does it work?

This website brings an expert riding instructor into your home. You will have access to:

  • Email messaging with experienced riding instructors who will email back answers to any question you might have
  • A different riding lesson posted every so often - with individual email follow up for questions you might have about the lesson
  • An equestrian message board
  • An events message board
  • A page of links to recommended equestrian websites

If you are a beginner seeking help, an eventer wishing to improve your dressage scores, a dressage competitor wishing the judge's comments were easier to make sense of, a show jumper wanting to enable your horse to jump freely and fluidly, or an advanced rider or student of the classics aspiring to the highest levels, here you will find easy to understand practical training, advice, support and discussion which will benefit your riding performance, your understanding of horsemanship and the well-being of your horse.

Our aim is to develop and promote an understanding of the benefits of good foundation and recurrent school work for the improvement, health and happiness of both the horse and rider, whatever equestrian path you choose to follow - competitive or not.

The training and support we offer takes two main forms:

Website Lessons

With email question and answer support.

Personal Training

By visiting you at your location worldwide.

By video analysis of you and your horse.

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